Working With A Lift Work Platform

Forklifts are a very versatile tool to have in your workplace.  With a large range of attachments available, one of the most common slip-on attachments is the lift work platform. Unfortunately, a lot of Australian businesses don’t really know what is required under Australia Law when it comes to using a work platform with a forklift.

It is imperative to make sure you have the right capacity forklift and make sure that the attachment is rated correctly on your forklift. Let’s take a look at what’s required under Australian Law.

Does your forklift comply with a lift work platform?

Forklifts which are used with lift work platforms need to comply with the following requirements under Australian standard AS2359.1

Lift work platform

(a) The rated capacities of the trucks shall be equal to or greater than the following:

(i) For counterbalanced trucks, 1800 kg or 5 times the combined mass of platform and rated load, whichever is the greater.

(ii) For reach trucks (a tractable mast or fork arms shall be fully retracted) and straddle trucks.  The capacity required is 1000 kg or 3 times the combined mass of work platform and rated load, whichever is the greater.

(b) Where the elevating device is supported by hydraulics

(i) a flow control device shall be provided to limit the lowering of a work platform to a maximum rate of 0.6 m/s in any situation which results from a failure of the hydraulic system; and

(ii) rigid connection shall be used between the flow control device and the mast cylinder.

In some states of Australia, the use of forklifts and work platforms must be approved by the statutory authority. This approval may cover the type and capacity of truck, design and construction of the work platform and conditions of operation.


  1. The use of work platforms with a forklift is covered by AS 2359.2.
  2. Information is taken from Australian standard AS2359.1

Remember that a forklift dealer will be able to help you with rating your forklift correctly, talk to yours today.

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