Choosing Linde Forklift Lighting Options for Your Business

Apart from having the most expensive forklift currently on the Australian Materials Handling market.  Linde forklift lighting come with a wide variety of options.  Sales people are great at taking your order, but sometime struggle to explain the options you might be able to get.  So the aim of this article information is to make choosing the right option easier for you.

The Linde forklift series 335, 350 and 351 models you really have no choice. The forklift come standard with a full road lighting which includes headlights, rear lights, brake lights and indicators.  Unfortunately the position of the lights is not selectable and there is no option for LED lights.  Generally these models are made in the the Kion Group Chinese Factory. (more…)

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Are Linde Forklifts Really Worth The Money ?

The saying goes, there are forklifts, then there are Linde forklifts.  Linde forklifts origins start in Germany, as a German designed forklift with roots going back over a 130 years.  Linde is now part of the Kion Group and is a publicly traded company

Linde Forklifts entered into at the Australian Market in the 90's, and has since continued to grow in a tough Australian Market.  The Linde forklifts are unique in that they are designed with a Hydrostatic drive.

Basically this means that, Linde integrated the hydrostatic drive, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and gearbox into one compact axle so the forklift has less moving parts that will wear out.

With the current 392 Series H25T model , costing somewhere in the vicinity of $40 000 AUD (depending on specifications), and the second tier 351 Series H25 costing early $30 000 AUD, you need …

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