Learn About Hyster Forklifts in Australia

With out a doubt Hyster forklifts are well known throughout Australia for being a tough and reliable forklift for the Australian market. Hyster have been making forklifts for over 80 years now, so you would expect them to get it right., with one on the biggest ranges of forklifts available in the market. Hyster’s Parent company is NACCO Industries, which is a Cleveland Ohio (USA based public listed company, with the control and management of the Hyster brand being through NMHG, short for Nacco Materials Handling Group. (more…)
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Buying a Used Forklift V’s Buying a Chinese Forklift.

Its been the last 8 or 9 years or so in Australia that we've seen a explosion of Chinese made forklifts on the market.  We've taken a look at the Chinese made Forklifts before, and the guiding principle here as with anything is, you get what you pay for, weather you are looking at buying second hand or new

We wanted to take a look at a few things you might want to consider when buying a second hand forklift or buying a Chinese forklifts.

Its really important to compare apples with apple when you looking at purchasing a new Chinese forklift model or a refurbished second hand model.  So make sure you know what you need the forklift for so consider lift height, fuel type e.t.c when looking at your purchase.

As an Example

A new 2.5T Chinese made forklift, with a 3000mm mast, petrol, will retail for about $17 999 at the bottom end and up t…

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Baoli Forklift – Are they Really Worth It ?

We have written about this many times, the rise of the Chinese made forklift in the Australian Materials Handling Market.  It is no longer just Chinese manufacturers like HangCha or Sany that are pushing their way into the forklift market.  Mainstream forklift manufacturers like Jungheinrich, Linde and Hyster are going to China for their forklift products.  With both brands owned by the Kion group, Linde Materials Handling import the Baoli forklift into the Australian market.

Linde have taken it a step further than most other forklift producers.  Actually owning their own manufacturing facility in China, and importing the Baoli range of forklifts to cater for the low utilization and low cost niche forklift market.

Starting at 1 800 kgs through to 10 000 kgs Internal combustion forklifts with different mast heights and attachments available.  Baoli have also developed a de…

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