Choosing the right High Reach Forklift for your Application

When you start looking into using battery electric forklifts, and particularly a high reach forklift in your business, you are really starting to move into specially designed materials handling equipment.  In the Australian Standards a reach forklift is described as

Reach truck A lift truck with a load carriage which moves longitudinally relative to the truck;away from the truck to pick up or deposit a load, and towards the truck to enable the center of gravity of the load to be within the wheelbase of the truck during travelling.

What are High Reach Forklifts

High reach forklifts are a very different design to a conventional counterbalance forklift, with very different Engineering design parameters that they need to comply to, as they are designed to do a completely different job and work in different applications.   The Australian Standard design and stability for Reac…

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