Forklift Monitoring Systems – Does Your Business Really Need It

When it comes to large forklift fleets in business, all managers have the same questions that need answers.  The only way to get those answers is with a forklift monitoring system and the data that they can provide. The questions you need answers for How do I control the ever-increasing operating costs of my forklift fleet? How can I tell which driver damaged the racking and goods in the warehouse? So How can I reduce the maintenance cost of my trucks? How can I reduce downtime? How do I stop the drivers from speeding in pedestrian areas? So How can I get my drivers to drive responsibly even when I’m not there? How can I assist my drivers to provide a safer working environment? Do I need this many trucks in the warehouse? What is (are) my peak period(s)? How efficient is the operation in the warehouse? How do I stop drivers from putting overweight pallets into the top racks? The above are just some of the questions that opera…
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How to Manage Forklifts and Racking & Storage

 When you think forklifts and warehousing, the next logical consideration is racking and storage.  Forklift, racking and storage all tend to go hand in hand.

There is a a huge range of pallet and special purpose racking and shelving products available on the market. Specialist racking and storage manufacturers constantly create unique pallet storage solutions for factories and warehouses that combine with carton conveying and order fulfillment systems to make product management more productive and profitable.

The standard you need to know Just as with Australian Standards for forklifts there are Australian Standards for pallet racking.  Make sure your pallet racking system is designed to the Australian Standard AS4084, as well as getting regular safety audits on all your racking. Selective Pallet Racking and Raised Storage Areas When you start planning a racking layout, there are an infinite range of…
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Do You Need A Battery Electric Forklift For Your Business

When a business starts thinking about either buying or renting a forklift, usually it's a LPG or diesel forklift. But Battery electric forklifts are rapidly growing in popularity in the market and can be of real value to a business.

There are four different types of Battery Electric Forklift Three Wheel Counter Balance Forklift - Generally you see two wheels at the front and one or two wheels closely together at the rear.

2. Four Wheel Counter Balance Forklift - Just like a standard forklift, with four wheels.

3. Reach Truck - There are two types.

Sit-on Reach Truck Stand-on Reach Truck

Both have specific benefits in application. The sit-on reach truck is more practical for longer-term daily use and where the operator is not required to dismount regularly. The stand-on reach truck is generally the smaller…

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Choosing the right High Reach Forklift for your Application

When you start looking into using battery electric forklifts, and particularly a high reach forklift in your business, you are really starting to move into specially designed materials handling equipment.  In the Australian Standards a reach forklift is described as

Reach truck A lift truck with a load carriage which moves longitudinally relative to the truck;away from the truck to pick up or deposit a load, and towards the truck to enable the center of gravity of the load to be within the wheelbase of the truck during travelling.

What are High Reach Forklifts

High reach forklifts are a very different design to a conventional counterbalance forklift, with very different Engineering design parameters that they need to comply to, as they are designed to do a completely different job and work in different applications.   The Australian Standard design and stability for Reac…

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Why A Forklift Service Is Required

We can not stress this enough when it comes to your forklift or materials handling equipment.  The importance of regular Preventative Maintenance services carried out on your Materials Handling equipment cannot be overlooked.

Quite often equipment such as forklifts work in harsh environments, they rely on various lubricants to keep them in good working order. With regular servicing your oils and lubricants are changed and/or checked regularly, safety components are also checked and full report given. Regular servicing of your Materials Handling Equipment also ensures less downtime between services. (more…)

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Flameproofing Forklifts

Flameproofing forklifts, is actually a very common requirement in the necessary environment. Flameproofing of material handling equipment is the science of reducing the risk of an explosion or fire by means of specialized principles and technologies.

The risk occurs wherever a flammable or combustible material is handled. This is not only confined to the mining but also petrochemical, oil platforms, paint, grain handling and food industry to name a few.

It is essential that all equipment used in these areas comply with the appropriate government rules and relevant standards.  If you are looking for information or and guidance on area classification, it can be obtained from the Australian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants (AIDGC). (more…)

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A Forklift Checklist And Why You Need To Use Them

It is part of forklift licencing in Australia that before starting a forklift checklist should be completed on the forklift, or what is referred to as a pre-start forklift checklist. Below you can find examples of 4 areas that should be done as part of a forklift safety checklists that should be carried out by forklift users.

What is a Forklift Checklist ? A forklift checklist is simple, its usually either a paper format or digital, where the operator is asked a serious of prompt questions about the condition of the forklift, It also has allowances for being able to report and issues that might arise.

Please note that forklift safety checklists should always be modified to be specific to each individual application and type of equipment, the lists below are intended as a guideline only:

Environmental Checklist

Observe all environmental features and identify hazards s…

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6 Things You Need To Consider For Forklift Hire In Your Business

As much as we want to say forklifts are sexy, forklifts really are a business tool.  Forklifts are designed to do a function and forklift hire is no different, instead of outlaying your capital and buying a forklift.

You have another option and that is to think about forklift hire and paying a fixed rate per day or week, instead of buying a forklift outright.  That's right you get to leave your hard earned capital in the bank. (more…)

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Learn About Hyster Forklifts in Australia

With out a doubt Hyster forklifts are well known throughout Australia for being a tough and reliable forklift for the Australian market. Hyster have been making forklifts for over 80 years now, so you would expect them to get it right., with one on the biggest ranges of forklifts available in the market. Hyster’s Parent company is NACCO Industries, which is a Cleveland Ohio (USA based public listed company, with the control and management of the Hyster brand being through NMHG, short for Nacco Materials Handling Group. (more…)
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