How to Store a Forklift for a Long Time

We've already taken a took at how to store a forklift for a short period of time, But sometimes you might need to store your forklift for longer than 6 months.  So we wanted to help give some instruction for Long Term Storage of your forklift.

6 Months - Long--Term Storage

If you are looking to store your forklift, make sure you do the following steps to prepare the forklift for storage for 6 months or longer:

Make sure you complete all the short--term storage procedures. Wrap or cover all exterior lights, radiator grille, and air vents with a moisture barrier cover. Use tape to hold the covers in position. Make sure you remove the batteries from the forklift. Just make sure you store the batteries in an approved space. Be sure to follow whatever your local regulations are. Batteries that are stored for long periods can become damaged so we recommend that you try to use the batterie…
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Sometimes you need to put your forklift in storage for a short time, it's common to see plenty of forklifts stuck and the corner and forgotten about.  It's the absolute worst thing you can do to a piece of machinery especially a forklift.  So here we give you 8 of the best tips to properly store a Forklift.

Generally the following storage procedures are for conditions and temperatures above 0° C (32_F).  Just adjust these procedures to suit any for local conditions and any changes in conditions during the storage. (more…)

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How to put Internal Combustion Engine (I.C.E) Forklift in Storage

Experience has taught that complications can arise as a result of improper handling of forklifts during periods of storage.  The main areas of concern are engines, hydraulic components and truck batteries.  Internal combustion engine powered forklifts will be best protected by being operated for a short period of time each month.  Forklift storage done properly can save your business a lot of money.

How to do forklift storage properly

Before placing any forklift in storage, you must choose an area which is clean, dry and free from airborne contaminates. Forklifts with an internal combustion engine, need to be started and run at 700 ROM.  By doing that you will get the forklift up to normal operating temperature.  This intern will coat the internal engine components with a film of oil and rid the engine of built-up condensations.

Do not shut down an engine before it reaches operating temperature.  Eng…
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