Basis of Rating for a 2.5T Forklift

The BASIS OF RATING for a conventional 2.5T forklift is simple.  A rating plate is something that forklift operators should have a basic understanding of.  The basis of rated and alternative capacities of a truck shall be the strength of its various components and stability in accordance with the requirements at the time of manufacture.

Why is the basis of rating forklift important ?

If operating conditions differ from normal (e.g. different attachments, abnormal movement, inclined or rough surfaces, position or attitude of the truck or part of the truck when required to handle a load).  It may be necessary to use either a truck with a greater rated capacity or a specially designed truck as appropriate to the special conditions.

Who can rate a forklift ?

All forklift capacities must be given by the manufacturer of the forklift, and different things can added to or cha…

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