Operation and Maintenance of Your Forklift

To operate a forklift in Australia, you need to have a Forklift licence, many people just forget the second they have their forklift licence, what their supposed to check before they start operation of a forklift.  Keep in mind that it is the businesses responsibility to make sure the the right procedures are followed.

Before you start the forklift, its important to ensure that it is in safe working order, ready to be used and capable of completing the task required of it. A business smart practice is to develop and implement a system of work that nominates the person who will ensure the safety checking occurs, e.g. a manager or supervisor. (more…)

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Forklift Licensing Requirements in Australia

If you are wanting to operate a forklift in Australia, you'll need to have an Australian forklift license. To get a valid forklift license, you are now required to undertake registered forklift training.  You then need to sit for and be assessed for a forklift licence.

Why you might need forklift training

Forklift licence regulations have changed recently.  As a result, anyone who is planning to work as a full-time forklift operator will also need to be assessed.  If you have been working as a forklift driver, depending on when you got your forklift licence, you might still have to be re-assessed.

Here's a summary of guidelines and regulations applying to forklift licenses. Your local Work Place Health and Safety office will have the most recent information regarding forklift licenses that you need, and there are many different companies offering courses in Australia.  Talk to your local forklif…
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