A Forklift Checklist And Why You Need To Use Them

It is part of forklift licencing in Australia that before starting a forklift checklist should be completed on the forklift, or what is referred to as a pre-start forklift checklist. Below you can find examples of 4 areas that should be done as part of a forklift safety checklists that should be carried out by forklift users.

What is a Forklift Checklist ? A forklift checklist is simple, its usually either a paper format or digital, where the operator is asked a serious of prompt questions about the condition of the forklift, It also has allowances for being able to report and issues that might arise.

Please note that forklift safety checklists should always be modified to be specific to each individual application and type of equipment, the lists below are intended as a guideline only:

Environmental Checklist

Observe all environmental features and identify hazards s…

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