5 Tips for Getting What You Need for A 2.5T Forklift

2.5T (2 500kgs) forklifts generally are referred to, as the bread and butter of the forklift industry.  No it doesn’t mean someone puts butter on them and tries eating them.  It simply means that they have the greatest numbers of availability in the industry.

If you think that the majority of goods are moved on a CHEP pallet in Australia, and CHEP pallets are rated at 2.0T WLL. (Working Load Limit).  Its logically that the vast majority of forklifts used to move a 2.0T pallet will be a 2.5T forklift.  So great, what's the point you ask ?

If you are looking at either buying a forklift or selling a forklift,  the odds are you will fall in to the 2.5T forklift category.

Which means you will have a vast number to choose from, it can get a bit daunting.  Here are some tips for making sure you get what you need with a 2.5T (2 500 kg) forklift …

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Forklift Rental Vs Ownership

When it comes to having one forklift or a fleet of forklifts in your business.  Usually, there is often one question you need to ask yourself.  Is forklift rental or forklift ownership the way to go?

There isn't one right answer to the question.  You need to examine your individual requirements are for your business.  But Forkliftmarket wants to take a look at the real benefits for forklift rental and the disadvantages of forklift ownership.

Benefits of forklift rental It allows you to focus on your core business. Your business profit is generated through equipment use. Minimizes or eliminates risk from your business. You can have a Fleet modernization program in place. Generally fast service and back-up equipment availability. Compliance with Australian standards and Health and Safety Legislation. The forklift rental company has to dispose of…
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Do you need to buy a forklift.

If you have a business where you are moving products on a pallet.  There is more than a fair chance might have a forklift to help you.  Whether you already have a forklift or are looking at getting one, you might to buy a forklift.

How to buy a forklift

These days there are plenty of forklift makes and models on the market.  When you go looking to buy a forklift, buyers will tend to focus more on the engine, transmission, mast, make, and model then they do on how to buy a forklift.

Once you narrow your decision down on what forklift you are going to buy. The next step is how to buy the forklift, and you have a few different choices.

Purchase a forklift outright

If you are lucky enough to have the capital sitting in your bank account, you can purchase it outright.

Rent to buy a forklift

This h…

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