Do You Need A Battery Electric Forklift For Your Business

When a business starts thinking about either buying or renting a forklift, usually it's a LPG or diesel forklift. But Battery electric forklifts are rapidly growing in popularity in the market and can be of real value to a business.

There are four different types of Battery Electric Forklift Three Wheel Counter Balance Forklift - Generally you see two wheels at the front and one or two wheels closely together at the rear.

2. Four Wheel Counter Balance Forklift - Just like a standard forklift, with four wheels.

3. Reach Truck - There are two types.

Sit-on Reach Truck Stand-on Reach Truck

Both have specific benefits in application. The sit-on reach truck is more practical for longer-term daily use and where the operator is not required to dismount regularly. The stand-on reach truck is generally the smaller…

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