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New Forklift Prices : What to Consider

buying May 30, 2018

Buying new forklift prices

New forklift prices can vary greatly whether it’s a new business venture and you need a new forklift or if its time to upgrade your existing forklift for something new.  There are some general rules to consider when make the decision to purchase a new forklif, because how you purchase a new forklift for your business can greatly affect the overall cost of ownership.

6 Points To Consider with New Forklift Prices

Type of ownership

The first thing to do is understand the ways the you can actually own a new forklift for your business.

  • Purchase out right
  • Finance Leasing
    • Chattel Mortgage
    • Operating lease
    • Finance lease
  • Fully Maintained rental.

Buying new forklift prices

Application you are using it in

This is something that not a lot of people will consider and is very important when you start to look at which brand of forklift you will purchase.

If you are operating your forklift in a small warehouse unloading the occasion truck with a 1 tonne pallet on it, the new forklift prices you can expect to pay, is a lot different to a double shift 16 hour a day in a freight forwarding yard.

So make sure you understand your application, which is the environment you are wanting to work your forklift in.  If you are working outside on rough ground, you will need to spend more money on a rough terrain forklift then you would on a conventional forklift.


Forklift utilization goes hand in hand with the application you are using it in.  If you are only operating your forklift for a couple of hours per week, you probably don’t want to spend as much money as you would if you were working a forklift double shifts 6 days a week.

Brand of forklift

Top tier brands will always cost more, but it’s a simple fact you get what you pay for.  If you look at the 3 different suppliers of 2500 kg forklifts.  You will find the new forklift prices can range from low $20000 up to mid $40 0000.

Yes they both still lift the same weight, but when you factor in the application and utilization the more hours and harsher the application the more you will want to spend.

New or used

The argument here is always use to be, with a new forklift I get warranty, If I buy second hand I am buying someone else’s problems.  Well that’s not the case any more, reputable dealers will offer warranty.  Most times the used forklift has been through a workshop overhaul, just like a used car.

The thing to consider here is the above points, buying a new forklift for your business is costly, and a major capital outlay.  But can and will save you money in the long run if your are planning to work that forklift hard.

New forklift prices

Servicing costs

The ongoing servicing costs are a very over looked consideration and some thing that really should be factored into the new forklift prices.  The is a huge influencer in the purchasing decision of a new forklift, and will greatly affect the price you will pay as well.  As we said in brand of forklift there is such huge difference between price points, well service costs match that too.

Make sure you know and understand what it will cost to service your new forklift, ask the dealer, if it’s likely to be expensive and are parts easy to find.  Maybe you could consider doing some of the minor service work on your own.

Most sizable forklift dealers will now offer a fixed price service program, that can save you money over the long term

Hopefully this guide will help you with what to expect with new forklift prices.  Taking the time to evaluate your needs and wants up front can certainly save you further costs down the track.

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