Are Merlo’s New High Performance Telehandler Range As Good As They Say ?

Merlo – The Telehandler range not the Merlo Coffee range has been designing and building telehandlers, construction machines, and telescopic boom tractors, since 1964 and are Italian owned and exported globally from Italy.

Even though Merlo as a brand has a decent market share in some European countries.  In Australia, they have had a stop-start history.

Merlo has a factory-backed Australian division of Merlo, which is the Merlo Group Australia which has two locations one in Perth Western Australia, and the other in Sydney Australia.

Merlo group Australia, runs a pretty standard dealership model, with several independent dealers based in each state, giving a countrywide coverage of Australia.

Latest Merlo Telehandlers Model Release

Merlo has recently released their new high-performance telehandler range with the all-new Merlo Turbofarmer II and Multifarmer models.

The best feature of the new Merlo telehandlers

The single greatest feature of the new range, is the redesigned cabin, with an overall width of 1.1m marking it the largest cab on the market.  Usually, the operator’s biggest complaint is the cabins are too small, the Merlo latest release has well and truly fixed that.

With the latest engine and drive train technology, the telehandler will achieve speeds of up to 40 klms per hour without losing torque for maximum productivity, and increased versatility with a 540/100 power take of standard.

Merlo 35.7

Our Thoughts

We view the new range as a shiny new coat over old ideas.  The new telefarmer II includes a high performance at 90kW (122 HP) and the 115kW (156Hp) multifarmer with transmission speeds up to 40 kph.

To look at it simply, there are two main markets agricultural and construction/mining for telehandlers, The top speed is only beneficial when traveling a distance between job sites or long paddock runs.

The new models to control engine temperature include a reversible fan with Eco Power Drive (EPD) electronically controls the engine will reduce fuel consumption up to 18%.

As we said before the new cab design is impressive, with a 1.1 meter wide cab, giving more room than any other telehandler model on the market, it still has the Air conditioner and same ventilation.

A standard take of PTO on the Multifarmer allows your telehandler to be used as an agricultural tractor, powering towed seeders, sprayers, and balers.  For the investment, you get two machines for the price of one.

Fitted with the latest fuel-efficient Tier 4 Interim engines and the Merlo CVtronic transmission with a smooth acceleration that doesn’t interrupt torque and without stopping to change gear from 0 -40 km / h.

The Eco Power drive (EPD) electronically controls the engine and reduces fuel consumption by up to 18%.Merlo MF40.9

Hydraulic System and Safety of the Merlo telehandlers

It is standard with load sensing and flows sharing pump

The Merlo CDC system automatically recognizes what attachment is fitted and will calibrate the performance to load.

Cab Comfort

The newly designed cab has a 1 .1 mm wide design.  As well as being pressurized to ensure a dust-free and quiet 3( dB) work environment. It is also designed with a pneumatic suspension for a comfortable ride.

Lifting Capacity

The newly designed range has a lighter but stronger boom.  Which offers 7 to 9 meters of reach with capacities up to 4 tonnes.

Innovated Merlo Systems

The chassis tilt correction is standard and Tac-lock rapid coupling of the attachments.

Towing versatility

Merlo telehandlers act like a tractor that tow up to 21 tonnes with pneumatic and hydraulic trailer braking.

Versatility in the field

A mechanical PTO  with speeds of 540/1000 can be selected from the cab to drive powered implements.  While a towing hook hauls up to 21 tonnes with pneumatic and hydraulic safe trailer braking.

New Merlo Modular Telehandlers range – Specifications

Turbofarmer  II  Multifarmer
Model TF35.7 MF40.7CS
Engine Deutz 4-cylinder

3.6 Litre

Deutz 4-cylinder

4.1 Litre

Power 90 kW (122 Hp) 115 kW (156 Hp)
Transmission Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Lift Height 6.7m 6.8 m
Max Lift Capacity 35 00 kgs 4000 kgs
Dimensions L 4.300 mm x w 2240 mm x H 2250mm L 5310mm x W2360 x H 2585 mm



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