Materials Handling – Paperless Warehousing & Distribution Software

We are in the golden age of materials handling with the advancements of technology.  With most warehouses and distribution centres represent a golden opportunity for slashing labour and facility costs, and for improving inventory record accuracy and customer service.

Most businesses that invest in the latest technology for their warehouse management, will receive a quick payback on the investment into these software programs – sometimes in under 12 months.

What makes this possible is the increased pick rates and better space utilization that these systems can supply, with features such as:

  • RF, barcoding & paperless techniques
  • Batch, lot and serial control
  • FIFO stock rotation management
  • Capacity and handling profiles for all locations and products
  • Optimizing picking, put-away and replenishment to reduce labour costs
  • Picking can be driven by transport schedules
  • Warehouse zoning for optimum control and increased efficiency
  • Consignment note preparation and integration to transport costing and management systems
  • Labour performance, warehouse utilization and customer service reporting

Bar Coding & RF Paperless warehousing techniques such as radio frequency (RF) terminals provide real time information to all warehouse personnel to control, measure and manage all warehouse activities. Paperless techniques are more flexible than batch, paper systems and, when coupled with barcode scanning, offer vastly increased accuracy. A paperless warehousing software package can offer many features, including:

  • Date/time stamped transactions to provide labour efficiency reports
  • Integration to bar code scanning, automatic sortation, pick to light and other equipment
  • Stock tracing
  • Packing and consolidation transactions

That’s just a little of whats available now with the advancements in technology in the materials handling sector.  If you have a warehouse that needs to be improved, talk to your local forklift dealer today.

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John Condron, has had a very long varied career in heavy equipment industry. Including a 10 year stint in the USA materials handling markets. John now make a full time writing for several online publications.