Choosing Linde Forklift Lighting Options for Your Business

Apart from having the most expensive forklift currently on the Australian Materials Handling market.  Linde forklift lighting come with a wide variety of options.  Sales people are great at taking your order, but sometime struggle to explain the options you might be able to get.  So the aim of this article information is to make choosing the right option easier for you.

The Linde forklift series 335, 350 and 351 models you really have no choice. The forklift come standard with a full road lighting which includes headlights, rear lights, brake lights and indicators.  Unfortunately the position of the lights is not selectable and there is no option for LED lights.  Generally these models are made in the the Kion Group Chinese Factory.

Linde Forklift Lighting Options

However, great news, on the 38x and 39x range any lighting is optional, but will come at an additional cost.  Currently in Australia forklift lights are not mandatory if the truck will not be road registered. There are two options for full road lighting and both options include headlights, rear lights, brake lights, reverse lights and indicators.

Option 1: Truck lighting

Option 2: Truck lighting on Drivers OHG

Option 1

The first option comes with low mounted lights as per the picture

Linde Forklift Lighting

Option 2

The second option comes with high mounted lights as per the picture

Linde forklifts

Talking to Linde Materials Handling the low mount Option 1 is significantly cheaper then the high mount Option 2. LED headlights are not available for the road lighting options because of current road safety regulations.

More good news there are several Working Lamp positions and options available. Talk to your Linde Rep as you can choose for all working lamps between standard light and LED light.

Linde Forklift Lighting

Keep in mind that LED lamps are more expensive but they usually last longer.

The diagram below positions of the work lamps are numbered.

Linde Forklift Lighting22

To make sure you avoid confusion and expensive rectifications, make sure you do your homework.  Linde Forklifts are a expensive investment, so once you order a new linde forklift its really difficult and expensive to change.

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