How To Inspect Lift Chain Tensioner Lock Nuts On A Crown SX

The crown SX Series walkie straddle stackers offer a very safe, productive and cost-effective solution when you need to maximise your storage space and improve efficiency in your business.  Just like all equipment the Crown SX range needs regular maintenance to ensure maximum life.  Simple maintenance procedures inspect lift chain tensioner lock nuts on a crown SX can end up saving you money in the long run.

We have a wide range of Crown service manuals available for immediate download.  You can browse the Crown manual library by clicking here.

Let’s take a look at how to do a very simple maintenance procedure on Crown SX stacker that will leave your business money.


How to Inspect lift chain tensioner lock nuts

To ensure the lift chain tensioners are secure the following inspection needs to be performed:

  1. Raise tynes so both the top and bottom lift chain tensioners are visible from the Operator’s side of the unit.
  2. The Inspection needs to be carried out from the Operator’s side of the unit.


At no stage should anyone stand under the fork tynes to carry out these inspections.

Crown SX








3. The Lock Nut and Adjusting Nut on both tensioners need to be tightened together with the safety pin in place (see photos below).

NOTE: The Lock Nut should not be touching the Safety Pin.

lift chain tensioner on carriage


lift chain tension on cylinder





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