Forklift Monitoring Systems – Does Your Business Really Need It

When it comes to large forklift fleets in business, all managers have the same questions that need answers.  The only way to get those answers is with a forklift monitoring system and the data that they can provide.

Forklift Monitoring System

The questions you need answers for

    • How do I control the ever-increasing operating costs of my forklift fleet?
    • How can I tell which driver damaged the racking and goods in the warehouse?
    • So How can I reduce the maintenance cost of my trucks?
    • How can I reduce downtime?
    • How do I stop the drivers from speeding in pedestrian areas?
    • So How can I get my drivers to drive responsibly even when I’m not there?
    • How can I assist my drivers to provide a safer working environment?
    • Do I need this many trucks in the warehouse?
    • What is (are) my peak period(s)?
    • How efficient is the operation in the warehouse?
    • How do I stop drivers from putting overweight pallets into the top racks?

The above are just some of the questions that operation managers in business would like answered.  A Forklift monitoring system can be a very powerful tool for monitoring individual trucks, as well as giving a picture of the entire forklift Fleet.

Well-developed forklift fleet monitoring systems can provide complete expandable tools that monitor and record a truck’s operations, activities, the driver’s behavior, and engine functions.  It has the ability to act on and/or restrict unwanted or dangerous habits.

Most monitoring systems are designed with sensors, so a variety of other activities can be monitored and controlled such as speed, lifting height, load weight, or mast tilt.

Allowing for versatile operating rules may be set up for any individual or combination of monitored inputs on the forklift

How Does Forklift Montioring Systems Work?

Basically monitoring systems are built around questions like :

    • Who was driving the truck?
    • What happened and what were the details?
    • When did any key events take place?

What to expect with a monitoring system

You can expect to have at a minimum

    •  Operators Display Panel
    •  Keypad or card swipe access
    • A data Module fitted to the truck
    • Optional Antenna Unit
    • Some cabling will interconnect these components.

Almost all forklift monitoring systems are designed with a data module, that can be expanded

The Truck unit’s computer is a 32bit Microcontroller that was designed specifically for engine control on high-performance motor vehicles. Some of this functionality has been utilized, and some are available for future enhancement.

There are a large number of these systems on the market now.  So make sure you research and get the right system for your business

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