4 Questions To Ask If Forklift Hire is the Way To Go for Your Business

We’ve looked at forklift hire before, so we know that any business that deals in physical products that arrive or leave the business on pallets, will most likely have a forklift in the business  to move pallets around.  As a business there are many factors to consider whether they should purchase the forklift outright, or decide on forklift hire.

How many hours are you doing ?

The very first question a business should ask them selves, is how many hours are they expecting the forklift to do in a week.  This is usually where most business under estimate or over estimate the usage.

There is 38 hours in a standard working week or 7.6 hours in a day, unless the business is a very high production business.  A forklift will not actually work 7.6 hours in a day when you consider things like operator breaks for lunch, smoko, toilet breaks. e.t.c.

The best guide for how many hours, is to either monitor your existing forklift hour meter, or ask a dealer for a demo forklift for a few days.  Most dealers will happily arrange a demonstration forklift for a few days.  They can monitor the hours meter.  That’s the best way to gauge how many hours you will really be do.

forklift hire for your business

Managing The Forklift Maintenance

At the end of the day, forklifts are just like any other piece of machinery, they will break down at the worst times, and usually at the worst time.

  • Can the business maintain its own forklift ?
  • Will the business maintain suitable Workplace Health and Safety records for servicing and repairs?
  • Can the business, handler a forklift being broken down for a extended period of time ?

The great thing about forklift hire, is that the forklift hire company that you hire a forklift from will take care of all of these problems for you.

Length of time you need a forklift

Depending on what job you are doing with the forklift will factor into how long you will need it for.  If it’s an integral part of the business to move  products around.  Then you will need a forklift in your business full time.

You business might only be doing a project.  Where it needs a forklift for a short time, maybe 3 – 6 months or even 1 day.  There is little need to go out and buy a forklift, forklift hire makes much more sense.

What application is the forklift working in ?

A huge thing that can affect the condition of your forklift is the application that it is working in.  If your business is operating in a clean environment, you will have no problems with the forklift.  If your operating a forklift in a foundry, doing 60 hours weeks.

The forklift will shorten its lifespan, so maybe relying on forklift hire for your business is the best option. You don’t want to be stuck with a forklift that will not be worth much.

There are plenty of reasons to consider before deciding if forklift hire is the best option for your business. If you are undecided about the whether owning or hiring a forklift is the best thing for your business.  Talk to a forklift dealer, they can help you by looking at your specific forklift requirements.

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