How to Manage Forklifts and Racking & Storage

 When you think forklifts and warehousing, the next logical consideration is racking and storage.  Forklift, racking and storage all tend to go hand in hand.

There is a a huge range of pallet and special purpose racking and shelving products available on the market. Specialist racking and storage manufacturers constantly create unique pallet storage solutions for factories and warehouses that combine with carton conveying and order fulfillment systems to make product management more productive and profitable.

The standard you need to know Just as with Australian Standards for forklifts there are Australian Standards for pallet racking.  Make sure your pallet racking system is designed to the Australian Standard AS4084, as well as getting regular safety audits on all your racking. Selective Pallet Racking and Raised Storage Areas When you start planning a racking layout, there are an infinite range of…
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Linde V08 – 1110 Series Low Level Order Picker

Linde make a low level order picker, however there has been confusion about the capacity of the different V08 – 1110 models.  Linde make three different models of the V08 in the 1110 series range. V08-01 (short) V08-01 (long) V08-02 What the main differences are 1. The V08-01 (short) is the low level order picker model without the auxiliary lift and the short legs which end underneath the operator platform.  This model has a capacity of 700 kg at a load centre of 500mm and 600kg at a load centre of 600mm. 2. The V08-01 (long) is the low level order picker model without the auxiliary lift and the long legs which end underneath the load supporting forks. The long version cannot be used with closed bottom pallets.  This model has a capacity of 1,000kg at a load centre of 500mm and 1,000kg at a load centre of 600mm. 3. The V08-02 is the model with auxiliary lift. This model has a capacity of 800kg at a load centre of 500mm and 700kg at a load centre of 600mm. …
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Do You Need A Battery Electric Forklift For Your Business

When a business starts thinking about either buying or renting a forklift, usually it's a LPG or diesel forklift. But Battery electric forklifts are rapidly growing in popularity in the market and can be of real value to a business.

There are four different types of Battery Electric Forklift Three Wheel Counter Balance Forklift - Generally you see two wheels at the front and one or two wheels closely together at the rear.

2. Four Wheel Counter Balance Forklift - Just like a standard forklift, with four wheels.

3. Reach Truck - There are two types.

Sit-on Reach Truck Stand-on Reach Truck

Both have specific benefits in application. The sit-on reach truck is more practical for longer-term daily use and where the operator is not required to dismount regularly. The stand-on reach truck is generally the smaller…

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Choosing the right High Reach Forklift for your Application

When you start looking into using battery electric forklifts, and particularly a high reach forklift in your business, you are really starting to move into specially designed materials handling equipment.  In the Australian Standards a reach forklift is described as

Reach truck A lift truck with a load carriage which moves longitudinally relative to the truck;away from the truck to pick up or deposit a load, and towards the truck to enable the center of gravity of the load to be within the wheelbase of the truck during travelling.

What are High Reach Forklifts

High reach forklifts are a very different design to a conventional counterbalance forklift, with very different Engineering design parameters that they need to comply to, as they are designed to do a completely different job and work in different applications.   The Australian Standard design and stability for Reac…

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4 Questions To Ask If Forklift Hire is the Way To Go for Your Business

We've looked at forklift hire before, so we know that any business that deals in physical products that arrive or leave the business on pallets, will most likely have a forklift in the business  to move pallets around.  As a business there are many factors to consider whether they should purchase the forklift outright, or decide on forklift hire.

How many hours are you doing ?

The very first question a business should ask them selves, is how many hours are they expecting the forklift to do in a week.  This is usually where most business under estimate or over estimate the usage.

There is 38 hours in a standard working week or 7.6 hours in a day, unless the business is a very high production business.  A forklift will not actually work 7.6 hours in a day when you consider things like operator breaks for lunch, smoko, toilet breaks. e.t.c.

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Are Bomag Rough Terrain Forklifts The Right Rough Terrain Forklift For You ?

In Australia, Bomaq rough terrain forklifts came into the rough terrain forklift market about 5 years ago,  and have emerged as the go to multipurpose all terrain forklift for hire fleets.

The Bomaq brand was introduced in to Australia by Lencrow Forklifts who are the sole distributors for the Spanish designed and made Bomaq all terrain forklifts.  Talking to Lencrow Forklifts is that the biggest problem that they have faced is that the units cannot come quick enough. (more…)

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Telehandler Attachments – Choosing the Right Attachment for Telehandler

Telehandlers are rapidly becoming one of the most popular and versatile designed pieces of material handling equipment on the market. The simple reason why is the wide range of telehandler attachments that are available to suit Telehandlers.

With the amount of manufactures now making Telehandlers with a wide range of sizes and capacities available, it can get to be a little confusing with the sheer range of telehandler attachments that can be bought to suit just about any application you might come across. (more…)

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Materials Handling – Paperless Warehousing & Distribution Software

We are in the golden age of materials handling with the advancements of technology.  With most warehouses and distribution centres represent a golden opportunity for slashing labour and facility costs, and for improving inventory record accuracy and customer service.

Most businesses that invest in the latest technology for their warehouse management, will receive a quick payback on the investment into these software programs – sometimes in under 12 months. (more…)

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Are Merlo’s New High Performance Telehandler Range As Good As They Say ?

Merlo - The Telehandler range not the Merlo Coffee range has been designing and building telehandlers, construction machines and telescopic boom tractors, since 1964 and are Italian owned and exported globally from Italy.

Even though Merlo as a brand has a decent market share in some European countries.  In Australia, they have had a stop-start history.

Merlo has a factory-backed Australian division of Merlo, which is the Merlo Group Australia which has two locations one in Perth Western Australia and the other in Sydney Australia.

Merlo group Australia, runs a pretty standard dealership model, with several independent dealers based in each state, giving a countrywide coverage of Australia.

Latest Merlo Telehandlers Model Release

Merlo has recently released their new high-performance telehandler ra…

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