New Forklift Prices : What to Consider

New forklift prices can vary greatly whether it's a new business venture and you need a new forklift or if its time to upgrade your existing forklift for something new.  There are some general rules to consider when make the decision to purchase a new forklif, because how you purchase a new forklift for your business can greatly affect the overall cost of ownership.

6 Points To Consider with New Forklift Prices Type of ownership

The first thing to do is understand the ways the you can actually own a new forklift for your business. (more…)

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Tips For Buying Used Forklifts

If you are out looking at used forklifts to buy, there has never been a better time in the materials handling market.  There are plenty of bargains you can pick up, weather its a 2.5T Yale forklift or a 16T SMV Forklift, but as always there are some things you really need to be aware of when looking at used forklifts.


Does it have warranty.  It use to be very common to buy a used forklift with no warranty.  Well these days its fair and reasonable to expect some comfort in knowing that if you buy a used forklift you won't get it home and have the engine blow up in the first week. (more…)

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Two Ways To Finance Your Forklift

When the banking industry was deregulated, it opened up the Australian finance market to a lot of different options when it comes to how finance can be arranged for equipment, here we look at two of the most popular ways to arrange forklift finance.

Two simply ways to finance your forklift Finance Leasing Features Minimal capital outlay Payments are fixed for the lease term At the end of the lease term, the following options are available : Extend the lease term Trade in the forklift and lease a new forklift Return the forklift. You may be responsible it there is shortfall between sale proceeds and the outstanding residual value amount Make an offer to purchase the forklift for the residual value. Benefits A hedge against market fluctuations with interest rates fixed for the term of the lease Ownership is optional Leasing frees up capital which can be used to grow your business Pay only for e…
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Do you need to buy a forklift.

If you have a business where you are moving products on a pallet.  There is more than a fair chance might have a forklift to help you.  Whether you already have a forklift or are looking at getting one, you might to buy a forklift.

How to buy a forklift

These days there are plenty of forklift makes and models on the market.  When you go looking to buy a forklift, buyers will tend to focus more on the engine, transmission, mast, make, and model then they do on how to buy a forklift.

Once you narrow your decision down on what forklift you are going to buy. The next step is how to buy the forklift, and you have a few different choices.

Purchase a forklift outright

If you are lucky enough to have the capital sitting in your bank account, you can purchase it outright.

Rent to buy a forklift

This h…

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