Are Bomag Rough Terrain Forklifts The Right Rough Terrain Forklift For You ?

In Australia, Bomaq rough terrain forklifts came into the rough terrain forklift market about 5 years ago,  and have emerged as the go to multipurpose all terrain forklift for hire fleets.

The Bomaq brand was introduced in to Australia by Lencrow Forklifts who are the sole distributors for the Spanish designed and made Bomaq all terrain forklifts.  Talking to Lencrow Forklifts is that the biggest problem that they have faced is that the units cannot come quick enough.

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Ross Grassick Managing director of Lencrow says” When we first became involved with the Bomaq B30MP forklift we were convinced that with building sites becoming more compact and the need to store more in a smaller space. We have to be looking for the most maneuverable 4 wheel drive forklift  in the market that will go through a 2000 mm low clearance doorway.

The problem we always faced with other all terrain units on the market were large turning circles and or the overall height of the unit.  That problem has now changed to we cannot get our Bomaq B30MP rental units back from the customers that have them on hire, as once they have used one that is all they want.”

Bomag Rough Terrain Forklifts

Bomaq B30MP Features and Benefits

The Bomaq B30MP has a very tight turning circle of just 2600mm, which is the same as many two wheel drive forklifts on the market.

Being a 4 wheel drive forklift gives you the advantage of positive traction across all rough driving surfaces and with its wide track, you have superior stability.

One particular area that masted all terrain forklifts have suffered was with Operator pre-start checks, as they would have to lift the whole cabin to check oil and water at the start of a shift.

Because the cabin on many competitor models had to be lifted manually, it really created some Work place Health and Safety risks and in lot of cases the operator prestart check was not done, as it was just too hard.

The Bomaq rough terrain forklift offers a bonnet that can be lifted with one hand and all fluids checked from ground level. This alone saves fifteen minutes at the start of any shift.

The unique Bomaq cabin design offers low entry step and plenty of room for the operator with most controls having the ability to be infinitely adjusted to provide the perfect driving position. This reduces driver fatigue and greatly improves productivity.

The design of the drive system with one fixed drive axle and wheel motors on the rear greatly reduces tyre wear, therefore saving money on conventional designed All-terrain forklifts.

The drive experience of the one fixed axle model also offers a smoother application of traction in any appreciation when drive in 4 wheel drive mode.

Lencrow forklifts own fleet of Bomaq rough terrain forklifts is now numbering 20 units nationally, with dozens of Bomaq units being sold into the market to many different customers.

Bomaq have designed a capacity range of all terrain forklifts from 2 000 to 7 000 kgs.  With all terrain units that are in the standard range and up to 16,000kgs All terrain units are on the drawing board.

For more information on Bomaq rough terrain forklifts call Lencrow on 1300 536 276 or visit

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