Do You Need A Battery Electric Forklift For Your Business

When a business starts thinking about either buying or renting a forklift, usually it’s a LPG or diesel forklift. But Battery electric forklifts are rapidly growing in popularity in the market and can be of real value to a business.

There are four different types of Battery Electric Forklift

  1. Three Wheel Counter Balance Forklift – Generally you see two wheels at the front and one or two wheels closely together at the rear.

2. Four Wheel Counter Balance Forklift – Just like a standard forklift, with four wheels.

3. Reach Truck – There are two types.

    • Sit-on Reach Truck
    • Stand-on Reach Truck

Both have specific benefits in application. The sit-on reach truck is more practical for longer-term daily use and where the operator is not required to dismount regularly. The stand-on reach truck is generally the smaller in turning radius, making it perfect for warehouses with narrow isles.

4. Pedestrian Operated – The Pedestrian Operated unit is designed for the operator to walk behind the unit and steer it using a tiller handle. These units are very popular as a licence is not required to operate them however, they can take up quite a bit of room under operation so generally better suited to larger work spaces.

high reach truck

There are several different reasons why you should consider a Battery Electric Forklift

Space Saving

Battery Electric Forklifts are the best option when floor space is a premium as they have a smaller turning radius then their conventional internal combustion  counterparts. This allows for valuable floor space to be used more effectively.

Reduced Toxic Fumes

Conventional internal combustion forklifts emit toxic fumes that can pose a serious hazard in confined work spaces such as containers or enclosed areas. Battery Electric Forklifts are better suited in these situations due to their clean-running electric motors, resulting in a safer and healthier workplace.
battery electric forklift


Battery Electric Forklifts are extremely cheap to run. They come with a five-hour industrial capacity battery (rated under Australian Standard AS2402) instead of a standard fuel tank. The battery is charged via a battery charger with single or three-phase amperage plugs (comes with the forklift) which is then connected to a 240vlt wall socket. Referred to as a eight-hour shift battery, they are sufficient when accounting for down time during the working day such as operators’ breaks.


Battery Electric Forklifts, are driven by electrical motors which require minimal servicing, reducing down time and costs.

Tyre Wear

Due to the electrical drive motors, it is nearly impossible for Battery Electric Forklifts tyres to be ‘spun’, allowing maximum preservation of tyre life.

Choosing a Battery Electric Forklift can make a lot of sense for a business. Talk to your local forklift dealer if you still have questions about the best fit for you.

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