Basis of Rating for a 2.5T Forklift

The BASIS OF RATING for a conventional 2.5T forklift is simple.  A rating plate is something that forklift operators should have a basic understanding of.  The basis of rated and alternative capacities of a truck shall be the strength of its various components and stability in accordance with the requirements at the time of manufacture.

Why is the basis of rating forklift important ?

If operating conditions differ from normal (e.g. different attachments, abnormal movement, inclined or rough surfaces, position or attitude of the truck or part of the truck when required to handle a load).  It may be necessary to use either a truck with a greater rated capacity or a specially designed truck as appropriate to the special conditions.

Who can rate a forklift ?

All forklift capacities must be given by the manufacturer of the forklift, and different things can added to or changed on the forklift can drastically change the RATED Capacity of the forklift.

If you are unsure of what your rated capacity is of your forklift. Check the rating plate that is fitted to the forklift, it should have the rated capacities of the forklift.  If the rating plate is not visible, contact the manufacturer of the forklift.

Ordering a rating plate (you will pay a fee for this) is generally very simple.  They will ask you for the specifications of the forklift calculate the rated capacity and give you a stamped rating plate.

basis of rating

Things to remember about rating plates

  • Rating plates must be correct with all attachments that might be used on the forklift.
  • They must be legible.
  • A OEM must provide you with the rating
  • All forklifts in Australia must show a rating at a 600 mm load center on the rating plate.

Remember that forklifts are a very versatile piece of equipment in your business.  Take the time to make sure you have the proper rating plate in place on the forklift.

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