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New Forklift Prices : What to Consider

buying May 30, 2018

Buying new forklift prices

New forklift prices can vary greatly whether it’s a new business venture and you need a new forklift or if its time to upgrade your existing forklift for something new.  There are some general rules to consider when make the decision to purchase a new forklif, because how you purchase a new forklift for your business can greatly affect the overall cost of ownership.

6 Points To Consider with New Forklift Prices

Type of ownership

The first thing to do is understand the ways the you can actually own a new forklift for your business. Continue reading …

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Choosing Linde Forklift Lighting Options for Your Business

Forklift Attachments, Forklift Service May 22, 2018

Apart from having the most expensive forklift currently on the Australian Materials Handling market.  Linde forklift lighting come with a wide variety of options.  Sales people are great at taking your order, but sometime struggle to explain the options you might be able to get.  So the aim of this article information is to make choosing the right option easier for you.

The Linde forklift series 335, 350 and 351 models you really have no choice. The forklift come standard with a full road lighting which includes headlights, rear lights, brake lights and indicators.  Unfortunately the position of the lights is not selectable and there is no option for LED lights.  Generally these models are made in the the Kion Group Chinese Factory. Continue reading …

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New Australian Standards for Forklift Seat Belts

Forklift Safety May 19, 2018

Forklift seat belt standards

Australian Standards are documents that set out specifications, procedures and guidelines that aim to ensure products, services and systems are at a consistently high, safe, consistent and reliable standard. Forklifts have some of the most well developed Australian Standards the majority of standards come under AS2359. One are that has recently changed is Forklift Seat Belts.

As manufacturing improves so does the associated standards.  Whilst the Australian Standards are not law, some are .  Its always a good idea to make sure you are aware of what standards apply.  It can go a long way to helping you in your business. Continue reading …

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Materials Handling – Paperless Warehousing & Distribution Software

Forklifts April 29, 2018

We are in the golden age of materials handling with the advancements of technology.  With most warehouses and distribution centres represent a golden opportunity for slashing labour and facility costs, and for improving inventory record accuracy and customer service.

Most businesses that invest in the latest technology for their warehouse management, will receive a quick payback on the investment into these software programs – sometimes in under 12 months. Continue reading …

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Are Merlo’s New High Performance Telehandler Range As Good As They Say ?

Forklift Attachments, Forklifts, Telehandlers April 22, 2018


Merlo – The Telehandler range not the Merlo Coffee range has been designing and building telehandlers, construction machines and telescopic boom tractors, since 1964 and are Italian owned and exported globally from Italy.

Even though Merlo as a brand has market share in some European countries, they’ve had a stop start history in Australia.

Merlo has a factory backed Australian division of Merlo, which is the Merlo Group Australia which has two locations one in Perth Western Australia and the other in Sydney Australia.

Merlo group Australia, runs a pretty standard dealership model, with several independent dealers based in each state, giving a country wide coverage of Australia. Continue reading …

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7 reasons why you should consider Forklift Fleet Management.

Forklifts April 21, 2018

forklift fleet management

Forklifts are an integral part of most businesses, generally the larger the business the larger the forklift fleet.  It’s become very  common for companies  to outsource the non-essential  parts of their business, so it’s no different with forklifts, they turn to forklift fleet management and companies that specialize in it, like Lencrow Forklifts.

What is Forklift Fleet Management

Businesses like Lencrow Forklifts, specialise in supplying the required forklifts and the associated servicing and break down management that comes with it, to other businesses, under a contract hire arrangement. Continue reading …

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Licenses for Equipment Dry Hire in NSW

Forklift Safety January 30, 2018

Some of the most frequently misunderstood terms in plant hire are those differentiating hire types, and how those may affect your business’s bottom line and hiring practices.



The two hire types are:

  • Wet hire – Wet hire refers to hiring both the piece of equipment and the necessary personnel to run it.
  • Dry hire – Dry hire refers to simply hiring the piece itself and supplying your own operator.

There are obvious pros and cons to both. The ability to roll all requiescant fees for a piece of equipment – including the worker hours necessary to operate it – is a very agreeable solution for many companies looking for simplicity. Continue reading …

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Why A Forklift Service Is Required

Forklift Service August 12, 2017

forklift servicing

We can not stress this enough when it comes to your forklift or materials handling equipment.  The importance of regular Preventative Maintenance services carried out on your Materials Handling equipment cannot be overlooked.

Quite often equipment such as forklifts work in harsh environments, they rely on various lubricants to keep them in good working order. With regular servicing your oils and lubricants are changed and/or checked regularly, safety components are also checked and full report given. Regular servicing of your Materials Handling Equipment also ensures less downtime between services. Continue reading …

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Flameproofing Forklifts

Forklifts August 9, 2017

flameproof forklifs

Flameproofing forklifts, is actually a very common requirement in the necessary environment. Flameproofing of material handling equipment is the science of reducing the risk of an explosion or fire by means of specialized principles and technologies.

The risk occurs wherever a flammable or combustible material is handled. This is not only confined to the mining but also petrochemical, oil platforms, paint, grain handling and food industry to name a few.

It is essential that all equipment used in these areas comply with the appropriate government rules and relevant standards.  If you are looking for information or and guidance on area classification, it can be obtained from the Australian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants (AIDGC). Continue reading …

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Tips For Buying Used Forklifts

buying, Forklifts July 19, 2017

If you are out looking at used forklifts to buy, there has never been a better time in the materials handling market.  There are plenty of bargains you can pick up, weather its a 2.5T Yale forklift or a 16T SMV Forklift, but as always there are some things you really need to be aware of when looking at used forklifts.


Does it have warranty.  It use to be very common to buy a used forklift with no warranty.  Well these days its fair and reasonable to expect some comfort in knowing that if you buy a used forklift you won’t get it home and have the engine blow up in the first week. Continue reading …

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