7 reasons why you should consider Forklift Fleet Management.

Forklifts are an integral part of most businesses, generally the larger the business the larger the forklift fleet.  It’s become very  common for companies  to outsource the non-essential  parts of their business, so it’s no different with forklifts, they turn to forklift fleet management and companies that specialize in it, like Lencrow Forklifts.

What is Forklift Fleet Management

Businesses like Lencrow Forklifts, specialise in supplying the required forklifts and the associated servicing and break down management that comes with it, to other businesses, under a contract hire arrangement.

Whether a forklift fleet is 1 or 2 or 400 or 500, there are a lot of resources that is required to successfully manage the utilization and up time of a forklift fleet, so let’s take a look at why your business should consider it.

The Benefit of Outsourcing Your Forklift Fleet Management

There are many different benefits to going down the outsourcing your Forklift Fleet road, such as :

Focusing on Your Core Business.

It allows you to focus on what is your core business, for example : If you are a meat processing plant, your expertise, time and capital is better spent on improving your processes, to get ensure a better return on investment.

Lencrow Forklifts can focus on the supply and management of the meat processing plants forklifts and forklift fleets, so you have a partner that can work with your business to ensure you get the best possible return.

forklift management

Minimizes and eliminates risk for your business

Lencrow Forklifts is a company with over 40 years expertise, and is at the cutting edge of forklift manufacturing and forklift safety and the Unicarrier (Nissan) Forklift dealer, the Lencrow team can bring their expertise to any business to ensure you have the safest forklift operating procedures in place.

Forklift Fleet Modernization

You don’t need to be worried about having an aging forklift fleet. Lencrow can work with you to ensure that you have the latest in modern forklifts and forklift technology that will benefit your business

Service and Back-up Equipment

This is one area that businesses can really benefit from, if you own your own forklift fleet, when you have a breakdown, your core business is often affected until such time as you can either repair the forklift or have to hire a stand-in unit.

With Lencrow’s Forklift Fleet Management program, we allow for stand-in units when breakdowns happen and we also guarantee a fast service breakdown response, to ensure maximum uptime.

Reduced Capital Expenditure and Tax Advantages

There is great financial benefit to outsourcing your forklift fleet to a company like Lencrow Forklifts.  Your businesses capital is freed up to be spent on other parts of your business, as well as the associated hire charges being 100% tax deductible.

At the end of the forklifts useful life, Lencrow is responsible for disposal of equipment, so you don’t have to worry about a potential loss of sale of asset.

Compliance with Australian Standard and Health And Safety Legislation

Health and safety legislation is now an integral part of any business.  Lencrow is at the forefront of ensuring that all legislation and standards are met and complied to, so your business isn’t exposed.

With the above reasons for considering forklift fleet management, maybe today is the day to talk to Lencrow Forklifts about what they can do to help your business.

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