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Forklift Monitoring Systems – Does Your Business Really Need It

When it comes to large forklift fleets in business, all managers have the same questions that need answers.  The only way to get those answers is with a forklift monitoring system and the data that they can provide. The questions you need answers for How do I control the ever-increasing operating costs of my forklift fleet? How can I tell which driver damaged the racking and goods in the warehouse? So How can I reduce the maintenance cost of my trucks? How can I reduce downtime? How do I stop the drivers from speeding in pedestrian areas? So How can I get my drivers to drive responsibly even when I’m not there? How can I assist my drivers to provide a safer working environment? Do I need this many trucks in the warehouse? What is (are) my peak period(s)? How efficient is the operation in the warehouse? How do I stop drivers from putting overweight pallets into the top racks? The above are just some of the questions that opera…
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How To Inspect Lift Chain Tensioner Lock Nuts On A Crown SX

The crown SX Series walkie straddle stackers offer a very safe, productive and cost-effective solution when you need to maximise your storage space and improve efficiency in your business.  Just like all equipment the Crown SX range needs regular maintenance to ensure maximum life.  Simple maintenance procedures inspect lift chain tensioner lock nuts on a crown SX can end up saving you money in the long run.

We have a wide range of Crown service manuals available for immediate download.  You can browse the Crown manual library by clicking here. Let's take a look at how to do a very simple maintenance procedure on Crown SX stacker that will leave your business money. How to Inspect lift chain tensioner lock nuts To ensure the lift chain tensioners are secure the following inspection needs to be performed: Raise tynes so both the top and bottom lift chain tensioners are visible from the Operator’s side of the unit. The Inspectio…
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How to Manage Forklifts and Racking & Storage

 When you think forklifts and warehousing, the next logical consideration is racking and storage.  Forklift, racking and storage all tend to go hand in hand.

There is a a huge range of pallet and special purpose racking and shelving products available on the market. Specialist racking and storage manufacturers constantly create unique pallet storage solutions for factories and warehouses that combine with carton conveying and order fulfillment systems to make product management more productive and profitable.

The standard you need to know Just as with Australian Standards for forklifts there are Australian Standards for pallet racking.  Make sure your pallet racking system is designed to the Australian Standard AS4084, as well as getting regular safety audits on all your racking. Selective Pallet Racking and Raised Storage Areas When you start planning a racking layout, there are an infinite range of…
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