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Are All Forklifts Created Equal ?

Forklifts October 15, 2016

At the end of the day forklifts are a tool. Where they are generally used in businesses or in places where there is a need to pick up a load (pallet) and carry it from A to B.  So the question really is, are all forklifts created equal ?  We’ve covered this a few times now, in the last 5 years in Australia, there has been a huge influx of Chinese made forklifts in the Australian market (Almost 25% of the forklift market).

So if you were looking at a replacing an existing 2.5T forklift with a new 2.5T forklift, does it really matter what it is if they both lift 2500 kgs to 4 meters. ?

Well there are certain things you need to  consider when looking to purchase any forklift, that will make the world of difference :


One of the first things to consider is how many hours a week are you doing with it.

  • If your only doing 5- 10 hours a week, would you spend top dollar and get a premium forklift like a Linde, which can cost north of $40 000 for Linde’s 392 series forklift.

Or would you consider a Chinese model that like a HangCha H25XF  that you could purchase for $25 000 depending on the specifications.


The environment is a crucial part of the decision making process when you start thinking about forklifts.

  • Is it dusty,  is it clean, are there ramps, is it operating outside, or inside, in a freezer.

The environment that you operate your forklift in can tell you a lot about what forklift you need to choose.


Whats the forklift doing ?, is it unloading trucks and carting a pallet into a warehouse and in to racking.  Well you might need to consider either a reach truck or a standard counterbalanced forklift.

  • How high is the racking, does it go through low doors,


How much budget do you really have ?

So are all forklifts created equal ?l, the simple answer is no, there is a forklift for every requirement you might have.

Additional things you might want to consider are things like :

Service intervals

They can range form 250 hours to 1000 hours on the same capacity forklift

Parts availability

With the Chinese forklift market developing in Australia, there are now plenty of places to buy parts from.  But it always pays to check before moving forward with a purchase, there are some brands on the market with no local back up or support.

Service cost

This really does go hand in hand with the parts availability, how much does it cost to service ?. With a lot of the more modern forklifts, they now need trained technicians that can use a laptop for diagnosing any issue the unit might be having.

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Do you need to buy a forklift.

buying October 13, 2016

buying forklifts

If you have a business where you are moving products on a pallet, there is more than a fair chance you need a forklift to help you.  Whether you already have a forklift or are looking at getting one.  You might want to be looking at needing to buy a forklift.

How to buy Forklifts

These days there are plenty of forklift brands and models on the market.  When you go looking to buy forklifts, buyers will tend to focus more on the engine, transmission, mast, make and model then they do on how to buy forklift.

Once you narrow your decision down on what forklift you are going to buy. The next step is how to buy the forklift, and you have a few different choices.

Purchase outright

If your are lucky enough to have the capital sitting in your bank account.  You can purchase it outright.

Rent to Buy

This has become a very popular way to buy forklifts.  You are able to rent the forklift over a fixed period of time, with either a zero payout or a small payout figure at the end of term.  Usually the business renting the forklift is still responsible for maintenance by either paying for it as they go, or a preventative maintenance agreement, with the forklift dealer that they bought the forklift through.

Finance – Lease

This type of arrangement is very similar to the rent to buy scheme, but it is purely a finance arrangement with either a finance lending business or the bank.  The maintenance can be done by any reputable forklift or mechanical business.

Fully Maintained Operating Lease

A different version of a rental agreement, but it is usually done directly through the finance company where the forklift dealer will bill the finance company every month. The business that rents the forklift ring the forklift dealer directly to arrange maintenance issues when they arise.


Very similar to the FMOL arrangement above, The Business rents the forklift direct from a forklift dealer.  The forklift business will invoice the business renting the forklift directly,  and all maintenance requirements are done directly between the business renting the forklift and the forklift dealer.

If a business has a need or a requirement for a forklift, there are many different ways that you can buy a forklift, and there certainly are different advantages and disadvantages to any way you want to do it. The best thing to do with talk to your accountant first before making a decision on financing or leasing a forklift.  Then talk to your local forklift dealer about what options they can provide you.

New or Used forklifts are also something worth considering for any business, any of the above methods of buying forklifts can apply to new or used. But the older the forklift the more restricted you might be with what you can do.

A final tip, if you do decide to purchase it out right with your own capital, make sure you discuss any warranty that might apply.

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Selling October 12, 2016

If you have decided its time to sell your forklift, weather its to upgrade your forklift, or maybe your business needs have changed.  There are many ways you can sell your used forklift., it can get a bit daunting, but here’s a few tips that might make it easier for you to navigate.

Know what its worth

Its simple, everything has a value, but it is pointless if you are trying to sell a Hyster H2.50DX for $20 000 when they are being advertised for sale as a used forklift for $10 000 in your area.

To get a gauge of what its worth, you can visit our listing page and search for similar makes and models of equipment, or even talk to your local dealer to get an idea.

Set a budget for selling

Forklifts sell just like cars, but you will need to spend a little bit of money of either getting it in shape for sale or possibly cost of advertising.  Weather it be an online portal such as ForkliftMarket , or through conventional sales methods such as newspapers, so make  sure you set a dollar value you are prepared to spend, you don’t want to spend $1000 in advertising, where you might get better value for $60 in an online ad.

What condition are you selling it in

As a private sale you really don’t need to worry about selling with terms, other then As is where is (make sure all safety features work – as a minimum condition) , but if you are a dealer, you really need to consider do you offer warranty,

Make sure you get the money

Its just like anything, when you sell, make sure you get the money of the purchaser.  At a minimum make sure you are sure if you are repairing it, to what condition you are repairing it to.  Do all safety features work, ie horn, lights seat belts, beepers.

Service records

Its all ways a good idea to give the buyer a copy of your service records, It can generate trust and show your not hiding anything that might be majorly wrong with your forklift.

So there they are the top 5 tips for selling your forklift, remember do your research and make sure you get the value you want.

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